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To work in the Arab countries is still a dream of a worker. But it becomes more and more difficult. The high amount of recruitment offices, the unclear situation regarding contracts and salaries and the different ways of applications are just examples. Even the question which recruitment office I have to choose is bothering a lot.

The Arab Labor Service is an initiative of all stakeholders in order to increase the professionality, the credibility and the effectiveness of this field.

For that reason we provide you with the necessary services like an APPLICATION SERVICE, a JOB MARKET, a BLACKLIST SERVICE, a COMPLAINT SERVICE or other services. We conduct a platform where you can GET IN CONTACT WITH POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS or RECRUITMENT OFFICES. You can COMPARE the different RECRUITMENT OFFICES in the OFFICE RANKING - you will find your right partner here!

However, if you need service or support - and it doesn't matter what kind of - don't hesitate and send us an email. Tell us where we can help or find our standard services here in the website.


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