The recruitment business becomes more and more important but also complicated. One reason more, to be informed about all regulations, needs and changes in the field of recruitment.

The Arab Labor Service is an initiative of all stakeholders in order to increase the professionality, the credibility and the effectivness of the market.

For that reason we provide you with the necessary services like a BLACKLIST SERVICE, a COMPLAINT SERVICE or other OFFICE SERVICES. We conduct a platform where you can OFFER AND SEARCH FOR DOMESTIC WORKERS or where you can GET IN CONTACT WITH POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. Further we can develop an OWN HOMEPAGE FOR YOUR RECRUITMENT OFFICE in order to make you more independent and modern. Also the EDUCATION and TRAINING - up to a full CONSULTING - is part of our scope.

However, if you need service or support - and it doesn't matter what kind of - don't hesitate and send us an email. Tell us where we can help or find our standard services here in the website.


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