Education and training

Individual Coaching

Management Training

Training of Office Employees

Training of Domestic Workers

We train your domestic workers

- before departing their origin    


- direct after arrival in your country

- during the stay in your country

We can offer specialized training by experts in all fields of work. This includes for example training for drivers, for cooks, for nannys, for housemaids, language training, sport courses and much more.

Do you need educated and good trained office personnel? We train your employes in recruiting topics. Even administration and language topics, financial and IT topics are in our portfolio.

We can train your office personnel in your country or in foreign countries. Please note that our training is not certified according to a specific standard. It is a training according to our experiences in the recruiting field.

Our Management Training includes

- Leadership training

- Financial training

- Administration training

- Marketing training

- IT training

- HR training

- Security training

- Fitness training

- Communication training

- and more

In case you need to be coached, we are the right partner for you. We can analyse your weaknesses and develop your individual training program which will be carried out in your office or in your required location.

Coaching is nowadays the most modern way to become successful in a short time.

Of course we will be available for you  after the coaching is done.

Our Training and Education Offers

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