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The ranking in ArabLaborService follows a clear procedure. All consumer votes and recommendations are fully considered. Furthermore the communication between the service providers and ArabLaborService, the price and quality of the service, and, of course, the number of returning clients effects the ranking. ArabLaborService will never accept fake reviews.

The goal of  ArabLaborService is to provide a transparent platform in order to keep the fair services in the whole market and force all partner to provide best services. The customer should not pay anymore for bad service. In addition,  ArabLaborService wants to protect all worker of unfair treatment or abuse.  ArabLaborService supports the fight against human trafficking!

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Sarah (42): "ArabLaborService supports a worker a lifetime. Beginning at the first step of application until the daily work in a foreign country. Even afterwards the support doesn't stop".

Abdullah (52, Recruitment office owner): "Thanks to ArabLaborService! We could proof our capabilities and we see that our efforts are highly appreciated by the customers“.


ArabLaborService helps you to find the right service at the right place and for the best price. It doesn't matter if you want to get your home cleaned or you want to search for other services. Even you are looking for the right recruiting agency in order to hire your own employee, ArabLaborService will guide you to the best partner - without additional costs!

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For fair treatment and compensation of employees, positive customer ratings, a high recommendation rate, and price security.





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